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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Final Draft Question: Faint Fonts

I'm working with Final Draft 7.1.3 on Windows XP. When I look at a screenplay exported to pdf large sections of text look either faint or bold if I selected random portions of each page and turned the font to "bold". This effect even comes through when I print. Ideas?

A few things you could try.

1. On the premise that you are really using two fonts in your script without realizing it, check that the sections that are faint are in the Courier Final Draft font. You don't want Courier or Courier New because they are too faint.

2. On the premise that you have a defective fdr, export pdf, cut-and-paste from the pdf into a new fdr, then try outputting to pdf again.

3. On the premise that you have a defective install. Install FD7 again.

4. On the premise there's something wrong with pdf or fonts, try outputting to PDF not using the FD7 converter, but with a Windows (PDFcreator) or Mac OS X converter.

Let me know what you discover.

Thanks for the fast response! Sure enough, there was no specific font selected. I picked Courier Final Draft, saved everything, and then exported to pdf. Everything looks good. Thanks for your time! I owe you one.


  • But I LIKE Courier New. At least I used to, before it went faint. It's easier to read: bigger letters, and not crowded together like Courier Final Draft. Besides, if I DON'T use Courier New, my script is ten pages shorter. So why would any sane person make Courier New so faint that it's user-aggro? Is it something to do with the number of dots per inch, and printers changing, and Final Draft not allowing for the change? Anyway, I found that if I go to my printer dialog box and select the maximum dots per inch, it prints my script in Courier New with a user-friendly blackness. However, to get this blackness, it has to print each line over and over, and printing the entire script takes all day and half the night. There must be a better way. Any ideas?

    By Anonymous Scott Wallace, at 4:48 PM  

  • If you're in Final Draft, then the Final Draft Courier font is the dark version. An alternative is to download the free HP Dark Courier font. The link is on my web page at

    By Blogger Robin Rowe, at 10:34 PM  

  • Hello! I`m Polish screenwriter, and I have problem with Polish fonts in FD (East Europe Country fonts exp: "ę", "ą"). Right and left "Alt" on my keyboard doesn`t work, why? I can use only "Alt+1,2,3... etc." But I need Polish symbols.

    Any ideas for solution this problem?



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:10 AM  

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